Monday, October 10, 2016

DID YOU KNOW? Equiflex Sleeve Product Review

What are Equi Flexsleeves? 

  •  A Blend of multi-tensioned fibers infused with antimicrobial technology that acts as a compression sleeve/therapeutic joint support for horses.

How do they Work? 

  •  The sleeve fits over the pastern and offers 20-30mmHg of compression at the fetlock joint when applied to a mildly or moderate swollen leg.
  • Sleeves take place of the traditional standing wrap and can be worn for longer periods of time than the traditional wraps. Unlike traditional wraps, the sleeves allow heat to dissipate. They do not immobilize the joints and remain in position as swelling decreases.


  •  To use poultices, they tend to dry unevenly and may cause sleeves to apply uneven compression.
  • Do not use if horse has infection on the leg. The sleeves could cause the infection to spread.
  •   Never use the sleeves when there is no definition of the leg from the pastern to the knee/hock 
  •    Do not use during exercise or turn out. The compression values are set for hand walking, hand grazing, or movement in the stall. If the sleeve moves or is pushed down there is not a bow risk. When the sleeve is used during turn out or exercise, movement of the sleeve can no longer be guaranteed to be “No Bow” – the pounds per square inch exerted along the length of the tendons/ligaments has greatly increased
  •  If your horse has a bowed tendon – Equiflex Sleeves are designed to be used as a preventive or for mild/moderate conditions. A freshly bowed tendon requires a leg to be casted and immobilized. The Equiflex Sleeves will not immobilize the leg.

Extra Info:

  •  If the sleeve gets stretched out, just wash it on the gentle cycle and dry on low heat. NO BLEACH. This will return the sleeves to their normal size. 
  •   Anit-microbial application will last at full strength for 40-50 washes, after that the strength will decrease with every wash.
  • To keep shavings off the sleeves, once on legs rub a small amount of cowboy magic (or similar silicone-based sheen product) to the outside of the sleeve.
  • There has been great success with horses that have cellulitis or Lymphedema, but always check with your veterinarian to see if the Equi Flexsleeves are right for your horse.

  • The Sleeves were not made for Shipping, however there have been many positive reports from people using them for shipping. CAUTION IF YOU USE FOR SHIPPING

o   The sleeves will not offer any protection from kicks or bumps
o   Use of shipping boots over the sleeves may cause them to twist, bunch or rub. Always test your combination before a longer trailer rider. It is recommended that you stall your horse for a period with them on as well as hand walk. Make sure your particular shipping boots are not moving the sleeves underneath. 

Purchasing Info:

  • Sold in Pairs, available in 7 Sizes fitting both front and hind legs. They are available in 8 colors. However here at the distance depot they are only stocked in Black, Light Blue, Royal Purple, and Pink.
  • Made in the USA. Knitted in North Carolina by Twin City Knitting and packaged in Ohio.

Measuring Instructions: following the Picture guide below. 

·       Pink Line – Length of cannon bone from below knee/hock to mid – pastern
·       Yellow Line – Circumference of the cannon bone
·       Blue Line – Circumference of fetlock

How to put on the Equiflex Sleeves:

Place the plastic bag around your horse’s hoof, with the horse heads facing up pull the sleeve over the plastic wrapped hoof.

 Please click HERE to view the Equiflex Sleeve video for more information!